Permissionless DeFi & stablecoins on BNB Chain

Spartan Protocol pairs a unique liquidity-sensitive AMM algorithm with the low gas fees & fast settlement on BNB Chain to provide a range of open, permissionless DeFi services to users & projects. Swap between tokens without any accounts or permission. Provide liquidity to earn revenue. Stake LPs for extra yield. Propose or vote for changes in the 100% on-chain DAO. Built by the community, for the community.

Swap BNB Chain Assets

Fast & Private - Swap Binance Smart Chain assets. No accounts, no forms, no permission. Transparent and almost instant.

Liquidity Sensitive Fees - Fees scale with pool depth and trend towards 0% to solve many common AMM problems. High time preference traders pay exponentially higher fees to deter sandwich attacks and pool manipulation.

Provide Liquidity

No Middleman - Put your spare tokens to work in liquidity pools. Earn 100% of the pool revenue (No-one takes a cut!)

Claim Every Second - Want more than the pool revenue alone? Stake your ‘Curated’ LP tokens for additional yield.

DAO Governance

Shape the Future - Propose and vote to change important mainnet protocol variables. Automated functions triggered by 100% on-chain DAO governance.

Dynamic & Sustainable Incentives

Reduced Supply

57M+ SPARTA already permanently burned (19%+ of Max Supply)

Initial Supply

Initial distribution only via Proof-of-Burn & the Bond program

Incentive Emissions

Dynamic and sustainable liquidity incentives for good peers in the ecosystem

Maximum Supply

Fixed maximum total SPARTA token supply of 300 million

By the community
For the community

The project is galvanized by the communities of former Binance Chain projects. Individual token holders destroy their previous assets to acquire SPARTA. Limited Binance Chain projects selected to participate.

It begins decentralised from Day 0 with no official team and no treasury. The protocol is community built and run and does not need ongoing maintenance.

BNB Chain (BSC)

A faster, cheaper ecosystem for Decentralised Finance


Built for Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain). Do not acquire SPARTA if you do not subscribe to this direction.

Proof of Stake Blockchain

BNB Chain is an EVM delegated-PoS blockchain, with fast (3-sec) block-times and sufficient decentralisation.

BEP-20 & ERC-20

The BEP-2 and BEP-20 token community is second only to the ERC-20 community, and all can be linked to BNB Chain.

Be Aware

Decentralised Finance is high risk - high reward.
Make sure to DYOR before diving in.